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Nürnberger bratwurst with horseradish and mustard 107
Goulash soup 103
Utopenec, pickled sausage 73
Tomato salad 62
Cheese & sausage plate 118
Garlic bread 68
Beer cheese with toast 89
Olives 68
Beer sausage 73


The Švejks potato pancake served with pork and lingonberry jam 148
Vepřová du chef Jurajda roasted loin of pork with sauerkraut and dumplings 158
Schnitzel filled with noble cheese, with fried potatoes 172
Schnitzel Feldkurat Katz filled with ham and cheese, with fried potatoes 172
Pragerschnitzel served with Czech potato salad 172
Cheese special breaded and fried cheese with ham,
served with tartar sauce and fried potatoes
Gulasch Saper Vodička Hungarian goulash with dumplings 164
Garlic braised chicken fillet, served with rice 155
Čevabčiči, lamb and beef croquettes with ajvar, onions and fried potatoes 158


Pickled garlic paprika with salad and feta cheese 125
Lečo, paprika-, onion- and tomato pot with dumplings 128
Breaded and fried cheese with tartar sauce and fried potatoes 138


Dumpling filled with strawberry 68
Apple strudel with cream 76
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and cream 75

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